It's a girl.

The, nee 2017, was conceived by design. And brought into the panty world by a creative reaction to the polka dots, flowers and Aztec patterns that have come to dominate women’s underwear in terms of graphic design. Rendering interesting graphics on little pieces of fabric is hard; something we learnt along the way. Designs that are not conducive to line-printing pose a tremendous challenge: lines have to be matched up and design elements have to be placed on specific parts of the undergarments.
Our products are not mass-produced, have unique designs, and are made with the softest modal fabric.
Our undies are fun, and relaxed, while our loose ‘drapey’ ready-to-sleep wear is something you can throw on in a jiffy and lounge about in when you don’t feel like getting dressed. 
Our first collection, Bummer, has five designs, of which some, we hope, will strike a note with you. At the very least, we hope that as you browse through our collection, you’ll stop for a moment, and smile.